Linked Data Manufacturing

Industrial-strength RDF production

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WARNING Grafter is a pre-release under active development, many breaking changes are planned.

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Easy Linked Data Creation

Grafter's DSL makes it easy to transform tabular data into linked data.

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Data Formats

Grafter currently supports processing CSV and Excel files, with additional formats including Geo formats & shape files coming soon.

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Separation of Concerns

Grafter's design has a clear separation of concerns, disentangling tabular data processing from graph conversion and loading.

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Incanter Interoperability

Grafter uses Incanter's datasets, making it easy to incororate advanced statistical processing features with your data transformation pipelines.

Stream Processing

Grafter transformations build on Clojure's laziness, meaning you can process large amounts of data without worrying about memory.

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Linked Data Templates

Describe the linked data you want to create using simple templates that look and feel like Turtle.

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